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Architecting the Technology Résumé.
by Audrey Field, CRW, CEIC, B.A., B.Ed.

Whether you are a rookie in the corporate technology food chain, or a seasoned executive well known within the high tech sector, penning a high impact résumé is crucial to securing your next interview for career advancement. Since the operational readiness of any facility or company is inherently dependent upon you, know how to best represent what you have to offer. Keep these 7 handy tips on file to accelerate your career ambitions.

Be Human First.

Don't underestimate the human element. Soft skills count just as much as the core hard skills. The level of responsibility required for CIOs and Senior Level IT Professionals, leverages a host of competencies. The notion of managing teams, rolling out projects, working within budgetary confinements, generating business development, and proactively protecting the corporate architectural infrastructure are just as crucial as the hands-on capabilities.

Think Projects.

If you are ready to move up within the corporate hierarchy, then you need to focus on projects you have completed to showcase these business and team management skills. If you are assigned a task, treat it as a project. Think in terms of what the assignment was, what you did and what were the results. (Situation, Action, Result – SAR) This gives you the data to structure achievements within the résumé and cover letter. The residual benefit of thinking this way is that it prepares you for the interview.


Include foreign languages, if you are functionally fluent enough to carry on a working conversation in a business environment. Boost your internationalism by showcasing this talent.

Computer Skills.

Include a dedicated technology section. If you are at the hands-on level, list this first after your marketing title, opening summary and keyword section. If you are a more senior level candidate and work in more of a consultative capacity, then this section should still be included, but it may go after the career history section. I suggest breaking it down into sections like: Programming Languages, Software Applications, and Hardware. So often, I see professionals in this industry who neglect to include this section, virtually eliminating themselves from OCR within HR departments.

Caution. Avoid the temptation to tell a story. This is just a snapshot. If you can function independently with the application or program then include it. If not, do not mention it. Breaking it down by 2 years of programming and 4 years of security definition will do little to boost your marketability.

Key Words.

If strategically selected and represented, these critical phrases should satisfy both humans and computers.

  • Relational Databases & Design
  • E-R Diagrams & Flowcharts
  • Technical & End User Support
  • Usability & Accessibility
  • Client Relationship Management
  • System Development Lifecycle (SDLC)
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Critical Troubleshooting
  • Organizational Design & Growth
  • Long-Term & Tactical Planning
  • Infrastructure Engineering
  • Capacity Planning & Modeling\
  • ICT Systems Analysis
  • Life-Cycle Planning
  • Operations & Support
  • Technology Definition & Acquisition
  • Application Development & Documentation
  • Project & Program Management
  • e-Commerce Infrastructure
  • Architecture Design
  • IT Governance
  • Security Technology & Education
  • IT Solutions Development
  • IT Relationship Management
  • Strategic Planning & Budgeting
  • Research & Development
  • Confidentiality Assurance
  • Testing & Prototyping
  • Critical Troubleshooting
  • Usability & Accessibility
  • Training & Presentations
  • Budget Administration
  • Cost/Benefit Analysis

Build Value.

Don't underestimate the business development aspect of your job performance. Mention the dollar value of budgets you were accountable for; interdepartmental meetings you were asked to provide insight at; and cost savings/productivity improvements as a result of your problem solving prowess. If you were granted autonomy for sourcing, interviewing, training, mentoring and evaluating work teams, then mention this. If you have done this at international sites or offshore, with multi-national teams all the better. Cross-cultural workplace experience is highly sought in our seemingly ever shrinking global workplace. If you are known for relentlessly promoting a continuous process improvement and root cause analysis mindset within the IT division and entire organization, then include this.
Don't bore the reader and use up valuable space by listing every programming tool you used, or every server you maintained on a job. If these have already been listed in the dedicated technology section, then there is no need to repeat this. Instead, focus on the achievements.


As soon as you read this, there will be newer technological advances in just about any gadget or trinket. Show you are knowledgeable with what is current, and can readily assimilate new processes, programs and systems with little learning curve. List formal education, as well as in-services and workshops, both in-house and from external service providers. Take the time to pinpoint professional develop areas you may be lacking. Scrutinize your skill-set to see if you are as well qualified as you can be with important but often overlooked leadership qualities like conflict resolution, relationship building or resource management. If you are lacking in a specific area, take some formal training to round out your professional platform.


Audrey Field CRW, CEIC, B.A., B.Ed. is an award winning, Canadian career transition expert operating . She is well recognized for career related publications, presentations and television appearances. A leader in career transition and outplacement services, Field writes for multiple magazines, newspapers and websites. Audrey has triple accountabilities with CDI, serving as their Canadian Advisor, Aerospace/Defence and Military Transition Expert Program Leader. This is in addition to being CPC's Business Development Advisor. Email Audrey:


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