article, How To Get What You Want In Your Career by Deborah Brown-Volkman

How To Get What You Want In Your Career
Deborah Brown-Volkman


We all have something that we want in our career. Some people see potential where they work, so they want a big promotion and a large raise. Other people are ready for a change, so they want a different job or a new career. What do you want?


There is nothing wrong with aspiring for more. Wanting pushes you to be your best; to learn, grow, and become a better person. Without wanting, you would be wandering through your career without purpose or direction. And, you wouldn’t know that you could have more.


“I want” is the foundation for reaching your goals.


Once you have that, you have purpose, and with purpose, you can set the direction and tone of your career. Purpose also leads to a plan.


Not sure what you want? You must take time to think about your career and work on your goals. Know what you want, but unsure how to get there? It’s time to create that plan. Do you have a plan, but are worried that what you want won’t happen anyway? Let go of your worry. It’s a mental roadblock that is getting in your way.


So, How Do You Get What You Want In Your Career?


Follow These Steps Below.


1. Change Your Beliefs


If you are busy and overwhelmed in your present job, believing that you can have what you want can be a challenge. How can you focus on your future when you are trying to get through the day to day? If you do not believe that you will attain your goals, then who will? If you feel like you will not reach your goals, don’t be misled by your feelings. Trust yourself and your goals. Believe that you will get what you want.


2. Get Focused


All goals are reached in the mind first. Can you visualize yourself achieving your goals? Pretend that your goals have already happened. What are you doing?
Where are you working and what type of people are you working with? How much money are you making? How many hours are you working each day? Get this down on paper and look at this piece of paper every day. Tell yourself that what you want will happen. Mentally be in the future until what you want is in the present.


3. Become Committed


Decide that you will get what you want. Raise your activity level and get into action. Results come when you are moving. Call people. Send e-mail. Craft letters. Tap into friends and family. Don’t take “no”
for an answer. Make a plan. Map out the steps necessary to implement your plan. Dedicate yourself and your time to achieving your goals. Keep moving no matter what. If you do, then what you want will come true.


4. Enjoy The Journey


The truth about achieving goals is they take longer to obtain than you’d like. This is not bad news.
Sometimes you need to learn things first before your goals can materialize. Understand this concept, and incorporate additional time into your plan.
Understand what may happen, so you can accept it, and enjoy where you are today more.


Your goal is important and so is the journey. Even though you may want to rush to the finish line, the benefit to you is greater when you don’t. Savor the process and be in the moment. Learn everything you can. There is satisfaction and pride in reaching goals. Plus, you’ll want to remember what you did this time to reach your goals, so you can duplicate the process again in the future.


So, what do you say? You only have one life to live, so it might as well be a life you love!



Deborah Brown-Volkman is the President of Surpass Your Dreams, Inc. a successful career and mentor coaching company that has been delivering a message of motivation, success, and personal fulfillment since 1998. We work with Senior Executives, Vice Presidents, and Managers who are out of work or overworked. Deborah is also the creator of the Career Escape Programô and author of Coach Yourself To A New Career: A Book To Discover Your Ultimate Profession. Deborah Brown-Volkman can be reached at, or at (631) 874-2877.