Paul Copcutt, CPBS

Paul Copcutt is Canada’s leading personal brand consultant and author of the e-book “Stop Sending Resumes – an alternative approach that has employers beating down the doors to find you” He combines a passion for people with a realization that strengths and specialization are the keys to success, he guides his clients to that outcome. His own specialty is to work with professional and executive women who are struggling with identifying a logical and authentic path to be successful in business.

Whilst appreciating the benefits of formal education, Paul has developed his own sales and marketing career through a mixture of his unique ability to communicate and connect with all levels of people and approach all situations with an open mind and become an incredible source of information – quite often referred by clients and colleagues as a ‘human google’.

This has resulted in gathering successful experience in a variety of industries including biotech, medical devices, professional services and consumer goods and several years in executive recruitment both in North America and Europe where he sourced talent for a variety of global corporations at all levels.

He first recognised the personal branding term after reading Tom Peters 'Brand You 50" in the late 90's and soon realised that many of the actions and suggestions that Peters wrote about were exactly what he had been doing through a corporate career that started in banking and ended in biotech - ironically two subjects that he would not place at the top of his academic achievements – it took two attempts to pass his Math ‘O’ level and his biology teacher even had him labeled as an idiot!

Square Peg was always going to be the name of the company that he one day would found, it sits with his English humour and more importantly his desire to make people realise that being a Square Peg is okay - provided you are maximising your strengths and unique abilities to do what you love doing.

One of the world’s first five Certified Personal Brand Strategist’s he is a regular contributor and specialist for several leading on line resources including, the Career Hub blog, and also Higher, Canada’s only $100k+ job board. He is also the top global Career & Training contributor on the Knowledge Forum at Marketing with an 80% accepted answer rate and his innate ability to connect and inspire has resulted in his taking several leadership roles with various organizations including the Career Professionals of Canada and as President of Hamilton & Area Coaching Association. He also has for a number of years been responsible for the facilitation and certification of future personal brand strategists for the global leader in personal branding methodology.

“For the Canadian executive there really is only one destination of choice for proactively managing your career and that would be It really keeps you in touch with the latest developments in career management and a finger on the pulse of six figure jobs in Canada – where else would you want to go?”

Paul Copcutt

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