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First part of our resume database overview - How we keep your data secure and why we are different from all the others.

Second part of our resume database overview - Explains how we can help you create a better resume than the one you currently have
1. I am hesitant to put my resume online, how do you protect my privacy and ensure that my current employer cannot see my resume?
2. When I upload my resume, not all the information makes it into, which fields are included or parsed with the resume and which are not?
3. Do you have a "cheat sheet" for the user interface to tell me what all the icons do?
4. I am using Internet Explorer 7 and when I paste elements into my Resume I get an annoying clipboard box that keeps popping up. Is there a way to disable this?
5. New messages from employers are showing up in my inbox, but I am not getting any notification by email that I have new messages to view?
6. Some of my past job experience is not showing up when I preview the resume?
7. When I click on the Preview Icon, nothing happens, what is wrong?