The primary reasons you are not GETTING INTERVIEWS

The most common concern we hear from our members is this: I am sending out lots of resumes and applying to many jobs, but I am not hearing back from the recruiter/hiring manager. If this sounds like you, there is good news: there are only two potential problems (and we have solutions to both!).

Potential problem #1: You are not applying to the right jobs. What do we mean by this? You must apply to jobs that are real, active postings, and you must be well-qualified for each job you apply to. That may seem simple or obvious, but after reviewing thousands of resumes and applications, we can tell you confidently that this is a major issue affecting the vast majority of job seekers. Looking at one's own experience objectively, and in the same way that a potential employer would, is very difficult. Part of the reason that our members love HigherBracket is that we have a unique understanding of what employers are looking for and how they evaluate resumes and candidates; we also have the most comprehensive listing of real, active senior level jobs in Canada.

Potential problem #2: If you are applying to the right jobs, the only other possible input is that your resume is not working. How do you know if your resume is the problem? Simply put, if you are applying to jobs you are qualified for and not getting interviews, your resume is a problem. It's that simple. Consider taking advantage of a premium membership to HigherBracket and allow us review your existing resume. We'll send you a 5- to 7-page report on what areas need work and actionable advice on how to fix them. Submit your resume today!
Note: If you are looking for a more "hands-off" approach, we can step in and craft your new resume on your behalf, while maintaining your "voice". Ask us how!

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