There are three pre-requisites for landing your next Senior Level position. The most crucial of these pre-requisites is that you need access to the largest DB of real, often hidden Senior Level opportunities in Canada. Executive and senior level opportunities are illusive and rarely advertised to a mass market audience. They are highly desirable and when broadly advertised they simply illicit too many unqualified responses. Jobs in this bracket are often being filled quietly away from the media and big job boards as companies are hesitant to advertise that they are looking to replace Director, VP or senior level person.

You can find these opportunities, only if you know where to look... We know where to look. HigherBracket is now your tool to access these opportunities.

So how do you access these opportunities with Higher Bracket?

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I am very glad I found your website. The number of senior level accounting positions is astonishing. You save me countless hours surfing all over the internet in search for real positions at my level.
~Johnathan  M., at  Tornto, Ontario

" is simply the best resource for senior level people in Canada. I have been a member for 4 years and I have recently found my second position using your website. Like the upgrades, keep up the good work!"

~Alex K., at  Montreal, Quebec

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