HigherBracket.ca has been connecting senior level employees in Canada to the best opportunities for over a decade. We spend most of our day connecting with executive recruiters and hiring managers to determine what they really want. We are deeply embedded in the Canadian senior level recruitment landscape and uniquely positioned to craft the most compelling resumes that get results.

The HigherBracket.ca DIFFERENCE:

HigherBracket takes a team approach to crafting your resume. Why hire just a writer when you can get a dedicated team of hand selected, vetted, master resume writers, graphic designers, your project manager and the QA executive team at HigherBracket that approves every resume before they are delivered to our clients.

The team approach creates better documents that are more targeted, more compelling, and land more interviews.

HigherBracket looks at your resume like an employer would, our knowledge is not theoretical. We know what employers are looking for because we spend all day talking to the very people who are reading your resume.

The HigherBracket.ca PROCESS:

Our team approach is not only the best way to create compelling resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles, but it is also highly efficient.

Step one is to have us look at your existing resume and prepare a 5-6 page assessment of exactly what needs improving including examples and what we would do to fix it.

Step two is to decide to have us help you and we get started!

You will have your own project manager who ensures that the process goes smoothly. You will work through some questions with your project manager and then with your hand selected specialist master resume writer. One of the greatest advantages to working with HigherBracket is that we have already vetted the writers we work with! New writers with HigherBracket go through an initial training process and vetting period that results in 2/3 rds of them failing. We take the risk out of choosing your writer.


Working in teams is more efficient than working alone. Our writers do just that, they write. In fact we call them wordsmiths internally! We do not expect a master level executive resume writer to be a typesetter or graphics designer. We take care of scheduling and the majority of client interaction so our pricing is in-line and often more competitive than the majority of resume writers in Canada.

When you submit your resume for assessment, we will include specific customized pricing to craft your documents for you. Each project

is different, so pricing varies. A VP level resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile re-crafting ranges from $1800 - $2100.

Cash strapped… Talk to your Project manager and we can discuss splitting your project up into payments.

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