ARC’TERYX Corporate Profile:


ARC’TERYX was founded in Vancouver, BC, Canada in 1991, where it maintains its Worldwide Head Office, design studios, and main manufacturing facilities.

Driven by innovation, ARC'TERYX was founded to build better gear. We didn’t just focus on incremental advancements, but on radically improving the status quo. We began with climbing harnesses and then proceeded to tackle packs and apparel with the same single-minded obsession for creating the lightest, best performing, and highest quality products available. To realize our vision we’ve created groundbreaking new construction technology, developed paradigm-shifting designs and harnessed major fabric technology developments.

The resulting deluge of recognition, and mimicry, has cemented our reputation at the pinnacle of the outdoor world. Our designers strive not to better the competition, but to challenge assumptions about how outdoor products should be built. Their visionary thinking is fused with our proprietary construction processes and our unrivalled craftsmanship to create the best outdoor gear made. Regardless of product, by selecting our brand you're insured that your ARC’TERYX product will be one of the most innovative and superbly crafted packs, harnesses or mountain apparel pieces available.

As the next season arrives, we continue to raise the bar for the industry by introducing superior advancements in fit and fabrics, and revising and developing new products. A concentrated mountain core quests for new horizons, and we work feverishly to supply innovative solutions. We refine, tailor and hone until revolutions emerge. Intrinsically linked with the future, we passionately stoke this evolution in action.

Our take on environmental stewardship

Arc'teryx strives to continually become more aware of and sensitive to the environmental impact of our business practices. We evaluate our processes and continually implement new strategies to improve efficiencies and minimize our ecological footprint.

Our Design Philosophy and the Environment

Arc'teryx designs and constructs products to perform better and last longer. We believe that a high quality product that retains its performance properties and aesthetic appeal for many years is more environmentally responsible than one that must be replaced frequently due to inferior materials, poor quality workmanship, or seasonally influenced fashion trends. We unite the most technically advanced materials with highly functional designs and sophisticated styling, ensuring that Arc'teryx products will survive many seasons of active use. Our goal is to substantially reduce the total amount of materials used over time, and the energy consumed to manufacture and distribute those materials and our products.

"Arc’teryx is an innovative and growing company and we look forward to working with Highbracket. Their platform will provide us the resources to locate and attract top talent in a tight market."

Sean McGillen
HR Generalist


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