CareerMatch Corporate Profile:

Who is CareerMatch™?

CareerMatch™ is a Canadian Staffing Consultancy providing contract placements, permanent employment, and human resources process improvement to large and mid-size corporations.

CareerMatch™ understands the challenges facing technology corporations today – global competition, budgetary constraints, marketplace uncertainty, to name just a few. An organization’s ability to meet and overcome these challenges successfully lies within the strength of its human resources – attracting and retaining top talent is the best formula for success. CareerMatch™ gives you that competitive advantage.

CareerMatch™ principals have years of practical, operational experience in the Information Technology and Engineering sectors. We work in partnership with our clients’ corporate management, not only to fulfill their staffing needs, but also to help in the execution of their business strategy, the protection and enhancement of their corporate image, and the advancement of their business through top talent acquisition.

CareerMatch™ HReXtension™

CareerMatch HReXtension™ is an ideal solution for mid-size companies that experience fluctuating staffing needs from time-to-time, or simply may have limited hiring needs, and therefore cannot justify a large HR department. Our HReXtension™ service provides outsourcing and co-sourcing models in order to provide maximum benefit at the lowest cost to our valued clients.


"Higher Bracket is one of the solid sources of senior management candidates for CareerMatch. As more and more senior managers focus on retirement, it is critical to a business to have access to such a qualified pool of senior-level talent."

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