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Flint Energy Services Ltd.

Flint Energy Services Ltd. (Flint) is North America's leading fully integrated midstream construction and production service provider to the energy and resource industries. Flint serves the energy resources industry in North America from 60 centres that extend from the Arctic Circle at Inuvik in the Northwest Territories, Canada to the Mexican border at Mission, Texas in the United States. Flint provides a continuum of services to the oil and gas exploration and production companies in their search for development of oil sands and bitumen, light and heavy oil, natural gas and coal bed methane.

Flint provides design, engineering, fabrication, construction, energy tubular management, maintenance, safety services, transportation, small and mid-size pipe installation and plastic pipe manufacturing. Flint has grown with the increased activity in the energy sector by building strong customer relationships, anticipating customer needs, improving customer operations efficiency, all with high regard for safety.

Flint’s vision is to be the Customer Service Provider of Choice and the People’s Employer of Choice. People are #1, 24/7. We have one of the best safety records in the industry and we promote Integrity, People, Success, Excellence and Innovative Solutions.

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Craig O'Connor, MBA
Strategic Recruitment & Workforce Planning Manager


Flint Energy Services Ltd.
Human Resources
Suite 700, 300 5 Avenue SW
Calgary, AB T2P 3C4