Glen Abbey Corporate Profile:

Glen Abbey Executive Search Inc.

To our candidate, we consistently emphasize "the right fit" and provide full disclosure about our clients needs so that you can make an informed decision.

Our search practice has embraced the person-organization approach whereby we assess all aspects of particular candidates including personality, values, interests, needs, qualifications, background and references in order to ensure consistency with a hiring organizations vision, philosophy and strategic goals & objectives.

Additional candidate benefits may be summarized as follows:
  • Professional Interviewing Style
  • Candid Feedback of Your Skills & Suitability
  • Honesty & Integrity Regarding the `Fit'
  • Client Expectations Fully Communicated
  • Availability of Expanded Client Base
  • Scheduled Post Hire Follow-Up
  • Complete confidentiality

An open and candid assessment of candidates' suitability goes a long way in eliminating bad hiring decisions which, all too frequently, has resulted in candidates being selected for positions for which they are unsuited ..... or turned down for positions they are fully qualified to fill.

"Higher Bracket has been instrumental in providing us with very high candidate flow to our senior positions. The job seekers and professionals using this site are clearly of a higher calibre than those you find through general advertising."

Art Rivard CMC, M.B.A.,

Glen Abbey Executive Search Inc.

122 Milne Place
Rockwood, Ontario N0B 2K0
Telephone: 519-856-1520
Fax: (519) 856-1619