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As a job seeker, are you frustrated by the lack of knowledge a recruiter has on the companies they represent? Are you also suspicious of the true intentions of the recruiter who seem to be motivated by the commission instead of the fit between your career aspirations and the company’s strategic plan? Wouldn’t it be refreshing if the recruiter you talked to actually understood what you did and was trusted like an ‘employee’ by the companies they represent? If all of these questions describe you, then you should consider working with GO Recruitment the next time you are curious about the market here in British Columbia.

GO Recruitment has rapidly established itself as an innovator in the recruitment industry offering corporation both large and small a better and faster way to recruit and to retain talented people. Removing the flaws of other recruitment methods, the team of Raymond To, Anna Shojania, Luciano Anjos, Maryann Boychuk, and Deanna Brkovich collectively has over 50 years of recruitment and management experience which has enabled GO to become an exclusive provider of Outsourced Recruitment and Post-Hire Solutions for technology companies in British Columbia. Outsourced Recruitment means the people of GO Recruitment are retained as consultants who work onsite for at least 3 months and often a year managing and completing a company’s staffing plan. This allows you the job seeker a perspective not found when you work with other recruiters.

Another reason why progressive companies engage GO Recruitment is that we offer more than just recruitment services. We help executives and hiring managers of growing B.C. technology companies find better ways to retain their staff and we also help them develop more effective recruitment solutions. Our ability to leave behind our “Recruitment Intellectual Property” benefits you the job seekers because through us, you have a true ally on your side who truly understands how best to find you the perfect fit.

"All of the consultants at GO Recruitment have lived through several business cycles and this current one is going to be different because demographic forces, globalization, and the power of technology are all going to impact the employment market. Against this backdrop, companies and recruiters are now in a red-hot market searching for hard-to-find top performers. The Higher Bracket concept is a valuable business model because we only see top performers in their fields. We like the fact that it is a candidate-paid subscription so we know we are only seeing serious candidates who value their careers."

Raymond To
Founder/Managing Partner
GO Recruitment

GO Recruitment
Suite 400
601 West Broadway Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada V5Z 4C2
Corporate Tel: 604.871.4166