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At LEAPJob, we are passionate about sales.

LEAPJob is a sales recruiting firm based in Toronto, Canada. We work with many of Canada's most recognized companies to build and develop their sales forces. Our deep focus and expertise in the sales arena provides job seekers with excellent opportunities for advancement.

We have been recruiting top talent for a long time, since 1989. Why? We have a passion for it. Every day we have the opportunity to meet remarkable sales professionals. This is amazing. We learn from them. We grow with them. And at the same time we help them advance themselves into top-notch firms. It is exciting.

LEAPJob offers career opportunities for business-to-business sales professionals and sales managers. We work in multiple industries, and the majority of our positions offer incomes well above $100k.

The LEAPJob Principles

LEAPJob’s business model is simple:

1. Get it right
2. Provide choice
3. Build relationships

We spend time with our clients up front to understand their businesses, sales environments and cultures. It is our goal to understand the type of person that will be successful upfront, and target our search to present candidates that fit the bill. We don’t throw spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks.

Once we understand what our clients are looking for we give choice. LEAPJob's Sales Recruiters work hard to find talented sales professionals that will be successful in our clients’ organizations, and we give them a selection of candidates that could fit their culture and expectations. At the same time our deep focus in sales gives many job opportunities. We want our candidates to leap forward in their career, and choice is key.

Finally we build relationships. We work with our clients and candidates for many years, and get to know them very well. It is those relationships that make our jobs so enjoyable. LEAPJob strives to build lasting, successful relationships with all of our clients and candidates.

“LEAPJob's diverse sourcing strategies include HigherBracket as Canada's leading on-line source of quality six-figure sales candidates.”

Jeremy Miller

4 Robert Speck Parkway, Suite 1500
Mississauga, Ontario L4Z 1S1
Phone: 905.281.3090