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About Level A Inc.

The development of the Vision, Mission, Values and Goals for Level A Inc. was considered essential to the foundation of the company.

The resulting Vision, Mission and Values are a solid foundation on which we are building this company, and that the foundation is people, our passion to care about them, build sustainable relationships with them and truly understand the businesses that they are in.

Our Vision

Protecting individual’s self worth while developing good, solid relationships.

Our Mission

To create employment opportunities and cultivate self-development that will add value to every individual and employer engaged.

Our Values

Our Values Statement sums us up: "Our reason for being is simple - we value people."


"Higher Bracket and Level A Inc. are committed to providing “the best in people” looking for $100K careers."

Mark Delanty
Operations Manager
Level A Inc.

Level A Inc.
Suite 212 - 277 George St. N.
Peterborough, ON K9J 3G9
Tel: (705) 749-1919
Fax: (705) 749-5494