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A global organization

Michael Page is one of the world's leading professional recruitment consultancies. The Group has operations in the UK, Continental Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas. In Canada we focus on the areas of:

Finance & Accounting
Banking & Financial Services
Supply Chain
Property & Construction

An established brand

The Group has established a leading presence in many of the key markets for professional recruitment around the world and has positioned itself in certain other markets, which offer the opportunity for future growth. Within its current largest markets, Michael Page has also built a regional presence, including in the UK, France and Australia. Consequently the Michael Page brand is among the most widely recognized brands in the professional recruitment industry.

A market leader

The role of a recruitment consultancy is to act as an intermediary, identifying and sourcing suitably qualified candidates on behalf of its clients. Within the overall recruitment industry, the market for professional recruitment services is a specialist sector which has developed more recently. Michael Page is widely recognized as leading the development of this market around the world.

What we can do for you?

Changing jobs can be stressful. The support of a professional and experienced recruitment firm can help make the transition process a smooth one. Michael Page International has over 25 years experience in helping people move jobs, be that to a permanent or interim position.

Your relationship with Michael Page doesn't begin and end with a successful job search. We aim to become integral to your career path and assist wherever appropriate in helping you achieve your career goals.

Why Michael Page International is different?

A unique service.

Most people would assume that recruitment firms offer much the same service. They couldn't be more wrong. Michael Page International operates differently than most other consultancies, benefiting you in several ways:

Non commission-based incentives

Our consultants don't work on commission, as they do in most other recruitment firms. They are salaried professionals who work in teams for the benefit of both our candidates (job hunters) and client companies. What does this mean for you? Simply that by sharing your information and requirements with our colleagues, you are assured more opportunities will be put forward to you, and you will be confidentially marketed to a wider range of appropriate clients.

Team-based recruiting

To further enhance our team-based structure and coverage in our major disciplines, we break down our recruiting teams to focus on industry sector, salary level and location. This means you benefit from dealing with consultants who have a detailed knowledge of the market place. This is why we call ourselves "specialists" and can offer better information, a more effective infrastructure and more practical assistance than the majority of our competitors.

A focus on relationships

Other recruitment firms also often split the recruitment function, employing interviewers to manage their job seekers and business developers to manage their client companies. At Michael Page we recognize that unless our consultants have in-depth knowledge of both the candidate and the client company, we can't hope to make a suitable match. You benefit from working with a consultant who has a solid, knowledge-based relationship, with both you and the companies you wish to work with.

"It is clear that this concept works well for both employers and candidates. High income candidates now have an online tool to elevate themselves out of the general traffic on the internet."

Operating Director
Michael Page International

Michael Page International
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