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MindHR Inc.

MindHR strives to be the best rather than the biggest. We have built a reputation through excellence.

Our quality stems from our commitment to personalized service, confidentiality and maintaining the most ethical standards in the recruiting industry.

MindHR’s independent recruiting specialists do more than merely match candidates to job openings. We work closely with companies and potential employees to determine the exact qualifications and skills needed, we interview extensively to ensure both experience and needs are appropriate for the job and the culture.

The strength of our industry standards, functional expertise, coupled with our desire to provide premier customer service and personal attention, separates MindHR from other staffing and recruiting firms. We work together to understand that every search is different, that’s why the career searches we initiate are discreet and sensitive to your personal needs.

With strong values, collaboration and a culture of excellence, our emphasis is always on the outcome which best suits you. We strongly believe that when talented people are placed in challenging jobs, both the job seeker and the employer benefit.

Whether you are currently employed or passively looking and want the inside track in securing you and your colleague’s next opportunity. MindHR can help you navigate your employment future.

By contacting MindHR you will gain invaluable tips, coaching and inside knowledge of requirements and expectations.

With MindHR, our commitment to your success will be unsurpassed.

Our goal is to see you succeed!

"MindHR is not about placing people it's about understanding them. HigherBracket helps make the step that much easier."

Jessica Glazier
MindHR Inc.

MindHR Inc.
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