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The Omachron Science Inc.

The Omachron Science Inc. employs a unique product and process design methodology and ideology which promises to reshape societies concepts of cost, performance and sustainability for the twenty-first century and beyond.

We specialize in finding counter-intuitive solutions to perplexing technical problems, generally taking the opposite direction of others and always opting for simplicity and elegance over needless complexity.

Each member of our technical staff has multidisciplinary training and extensive experience across a wide range of industries. This allows us to approach problems from several directions at once, utilizing our expertise in chemistry; physics; plasma physics; and mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering to identify solutions quickly. Our small, campus-like atmosphere fosters interaction and creativity.

Our mission is to accomplish the technically improbable for our clients - day in and day out, one innovation and one patent at a time - always being mindful of the compelling case for environmentally sustainable solutions. Our achievements include major advancements in air, water and waste-water treatment; super alloys and methods for their manufacture; engines; power systems and appliances. We have over two-hundred inventions which are the subject of granted and pending patents in the Unites States and throughout the world.

We provide the technical resources to implement the technologies we license and offer vertically integrated consulting to assist clients at every step from the identification of a market to a finished product. Our ongoing basic research places our staff at the leading edge of technology in heat transfer, advanced materials, electronics, electrostatics, electromagnetics, spheromagnetics, advanced machines and manufacturing processes, robotics, water and wastewater purification, plasma physics, theoretical modeling, biomedical engineering, microbiology, biochemistry and pulse power systems.
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"In the words of John Kennedy - All of us do not have equal talent, but all of us should have an equal opportunity to develop our talent. Higher Bracket gives everybody a starting point for such opportunity.”

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