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Questus Recruitment Inc.

Our success is founded on our conviction that: It's the right people that make the difference!

Our candidates are very important to us -- in fact, they are our most valuable resource. As such, we take the time to establish long-term relationships -- and to know our applicants as individuals. This approach has earned Questus Recruitment the confidence of thousands of top professionals, many of whom we have assisted from pre-graduation to senior management positions. In fact, a high percentage of the professionals we have placed in their first career are still with the same company today -- a reflection of our effectiveness in matching professionals and corporations that share similar values!

We do more than expose professionals to possible careers and current career listings. We support our applicants in attaining their long-term career goals. How?

We assist candidates in exploring their short- and long-term career goals, as well as their values, strengths, skills and interests. This ensures an excellent fit -- not only with the position requirements of a specific opportunity but with an organization's corporate culture.

Our industry expertise enables us to assist professionals in charting and pursuing the career paths most likely to guarantee success in today's competitive market.

We educate our applicants on their current marketability in relation to a specific career. This enables applicants to take the steps to either attain the necessary qualifications or to explore more suitable career options.

We operate in strict confidence, allowing our applicants to explore new career options without jeopardizing their current employment.

Over the years, many of the professionals we have placed have returned to us as clients seeking to build their own dynamic organizations -- an indication of the level of trust and confidence our applicants have in both our consultants and in our recruitment and selection process.

When all is said and done, we care about people -- and it shows.

"Questus is committed to fostering long-term relationships with Canada's finest candidates. HigherBracket is a fantastic conduit to that group of senior candidates."

Morgan Arndt


Questus Recruitment Corp.

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