Sales For Life Corporate Profile :

Sales For Life

The brand Sales for Life is derived from our passion for peak performance in one of the oldest professions known to mankind - SALES. Our foundation is built by sales professionals who have personally sold millions to North America's top start-up company's right through to the Fortune 100's. Our diverse experience provides us with unique insights to the challenges facing today's sales professionals. Our goal is to provide the guidance, tools & services to further promote sales excellence for our clients.

Our Philosophy

* Strive for excellence in helping others
* Build & maintain long-term relationships
* Provide ongoing value to our employees, employers, candidates and suppliers
* Build the most comprehensive sales value network
* Breed passion in our craft
* Live with integrity, honesty and ethical behavior

"Higher Bracket saves us time by attracting the top earners that we want to speak with. The candidates that we have sourced from Higher Bracket have been truely top notch."

George Albert
Recruiting Manager
Sales For Life

Sales For Life

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