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Our motto is “bringing people and opportunities together” and since 1990 our recruitment and delivery team has been successful in matching hundreds of Sales and Marketing professionals with exciting and rewarding career opportunities.

Located in the heart of Vancouver, SearchWest continually raises the bar of professionalism and confidentiality for every search we perform. The mission of SearchWest is to clearly establish itself as the leader of all professional recruitment efforts in Western Canada as a direct result of our passion for people and our commitment to excellence. Providing expert leadership and invaluable advice, we are dedicated to building long lasting relationships through open communication and trust.
The team at SearchWest has the exact mix of experience, drive and personality to create a highly respected and successful employment agency. Our combined recruitment and industry specific experience gives us the inside edge to identify and place top performers.

SearchWest focuses 100% of their resources and efforts in targeting the top achieving Sales and Marketing professionals in the marketplace. Our abilities to source candidates for these positions on all levels, regardless of industry, are exceptional as we have a team of individuals for each industry assigned to focus specifically on each sector within that industry.

SearchWest is regarded as being a leader in the recruiting industry within the Vancouver marketplace and is the founding member of the SearchCanada affiliate network.

Our objective in forming SearchCanada was to lever the strengths and capabilities of our eight partners in order to provide our clients with a broad reaching search capability. Geographically, our partners operate in major centers across Canada: Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax.

Whether it's your first time searching or you are a seasoned hiring manager, the search process always comes complete with uncertainty, high expectations and always with a sense of urgency. At SearchWest, we want to make the process as stress free as possible for you. Our intimate, hands on approach to recruiting will ease all your concerns and help put you in control of the search process.

“Through Higher Bracket, you can reach a broader network of recruiters, such as SearchWest, that can help catapult your career to the next level”

Melissa Soriano
SearchWest Inc.

SearchWest Inc.
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