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Stoakley-Dudley Consultants Ltd. is an Executive Search Firm with international reach. We opened our doors in 1977 and have grown to be one of the most successful employment agencies in Canada, boasting over 300 person-years of recruiting expertise. We house a team of over 25 top-notch consultants, each acting as a Subject Matter Expert in their chosen field. This expansive breadth of experience allows Stoakley-Dudley Consultants Ltd., as a firm, to fill all of your hiring needs. In order to ensure that this is the case, we have developed one of the most envied proprietary databases in the industry, currently numbering over 300,000 candidate profiles. Headquartered in Mississauga, and now with offices in downtown Toronto, we satisfy the needs of clients internationally through our satellite offices and recruiting partners. As a truly National, Canadian firm we offer our services in both official languages.

Founded in 1977, we have accumulated three decades of success in recruiting across a wide range of industries and occupations. We have gloried in the good times and hung in there through the bad, when many of our industry colleagues have closed up shop.

Trevor Stewart joined the Recruitment Profession immediately upon graduation from University and has never looked back. He began his specialist career with Stoakley-Dudley in 2002 after 5 successful years with a large, international, generalist staffing agency wherein he held a number of senior positions.

In 2007, Trevor's love for both the industry in general and Stoakley-Dudley in particular, gave him cause to purchase the company. As President, Trevor manages the organization while still personally maintaining his specialist Logistics recruitment desk.



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Stoakley-Dudley Consultants


Stoakley-Dudley Consultants
6503 Mississauga Road
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Phone: 905-821-3455
Toll Free: 888-226-6685