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Unixel Technologies

UNIXEL is a Montreal-based firm specialized in the recruitment of Information Technology (IT) professionals. UNIXEL was incorporated in May of 1993. Throughout the years, the company has built a great number of business relationships which, to this day, remain long-lasting partners of UNIXEL.
Increasing demand of the 90's brought us to develop talent research techniques and candidate evaluation experiences which placed us amongst the most recognized IT recruiters in Quebec.

Customer Services

With our recruitment techniques, aiming at specific profiles of individuals in competitors' enterprises, we can present you with the best candidate selections.

For our clients, we will find the ideal candidate interested in the challenges that the position offers; precisely the candidate who meets the client's criteria. Our mandate is to search and find the best candidate.

We are a team of recruitment professionals, working exclusively in the field of information technology. What we can do best for you, is to rapidly find potential candidates to fill your IT openings.

Candidate Services

Each candidate is unique and our mandate is also to find a position that fit his experience and expectations within our client’s demand. We confirm in interview that he well correspond to our search’s criteria to present him after to our customer.

Our Solution

With our database, research technique and market knowledge we target the resources you need. Our talented recruitors can then solicit potential candidates and convoke them for an interview.

We can help you in your recruiting efforts. With several hundreds satisfied customers, U N I X E L has worked with personnel departments and directly with heads of IT departments to help them fill opened positions.

U N I X E L's dynamic team of experienced recruiting agents is leading us towards its only goal: Assisting corporate managers in hiring the best employees in information technologies.


"Higher Bracket gives us access to higher quality profiles that we normally can’t find throught the usual channels or even on most popular job searching websites. Candidates are serious in their search et we were able to find good positions for several of them"

Nathalie Dufort
Director Of Recruitment

38, place du Commerce, suite 200
Nun's Island, QC H3E 1T8
Tel.: (514) 362-1234
Fax: (514) 362-8270

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