Resume Assessment Program: has worked for over 7 years with Canada's top recruitment professionals and resume writers to create an evaluation and advice document that helps our members create winning resumes.

As a Premium member of HigherBracket, receive a customized 6-8 page written evaluation including specific examples of problem areas and actionable tips you can implement immediately.

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"Thank you for my resume assessment and advice. It really was far better than I had expected. I had no idea that my resume had so many easily fixed errors and I am confident I will be able to create a much better resume by following your advice and tips. Thank you again!"
~David C, at  Kelowna, British Columbia

"Your assessment of my resume was very complete and thorough. It explains why I keep sending out resumes and hearing nothing back. I will attempt to work through your exhaustive list of tips and action items to create a much more effective resume."
~Gordon V, at  North York, Ontario

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