Resume Assessment Program

Your resume is a vital component of your executive mobility. Without a branded, well written document that is focussed on the position you are targeting, you will never have the chance to communicate your value to an organization in an interview.

Sadly, the majority of resumes we assess at HigherBracket do little to move their authors forward. Competition for senior level roles in Canada has steadily increased in the last few years and never has your resume been more important.

To assist our premium subscribers we have completely revamped and taken our resume assessment program in-house. we now compile a 4 - 5 page report on the key elements of your resume and areas for improvement. The feedback has been incredible.

"Thank you Cara.

This really has been worth the price of my subscription. To be honest I was expecting a sales pitch for resume writing services and was pleasantly surprised to get feedback I could actually use to make my resume better. This is a very valuable service you are providing."

William L..
Calgary Alberta
October 18th, 2011

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