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We are humbled and gratified by the response over the last year to Higher Bracket's concept. We will continue to drive hard to exceed our subscriber's expectations and provide the top employers in Canada with uncluttered access to the best talent in the country.




Selected subscriber's thoughts:

"The information was great. I printed it out and will try and follow up on all your suggestions. The market is not only tough and who you know but it is hard to get the right people who can even understand your potential and your resume."

Gary B. Toronto ON


"Hi Monique, thanks for all your help. Your site is fantastic, My job search was losing steam, but I have had 3 very good interviews from postings on HigherBracket.ca and I anticipate one going to offer at the end of this week. Where were you guys 3 years ago!"

Gary L. Vancouver BC

"I just wanted to let you know that HigherBracket "rocks!" By utilizing your services, I just landed my new executive job.

Thank-you HigherBracket for helping make my career dreams come true.

I would also like to commend HigherBracket for the excellent customer service that I have experienced! The experience I have had with your service has been first rate! Everything has run smoothly for me and I have already recommended your services to some of my colleagues who are looking to move their careers forward."

Janice M. Oakville ON

"Thank you for your website, I have spent hours on the net trying to find a few jobs to apply to. I think one afternoon on your site is worth about 3 or 4 days aimlessly wandering about cyberspace! What a time saver."

Liz G. Hamilton ON

"Thanks Monique, your help ensuring that my resume got through to (name withheld) was really appreciated. You have a great service, and I know of 3 others that have signed up on my recommendation."

Tracy M. North Vancouver BC

"What a fabulous resource your website is! I have recently found a director of finance position with (company withheld) through higherbracket.ca. Before finding your site, I was very frustrated going to several sites per day and still not coming up with opportunities that fit my experience level. I could not believe how many opportunities you have. I will refer you to my colleagues with pleasure."

Trish D. Calgary AB

"I do want to thank you for your great web site. I have told many people about your site including some outplacement agencies so they can pass it on to their clients. Your newsletter articles were helpful with interviews, resume writing etc. In addition many articles kept my self esteem high and kept me motivated to push myself.

I will continue to promote this site both to candidates and potential employers. Please keep up the great work."

James T. Kirkland QC

"The higher bracket jobs are difficult to find so having your service available is a great advantage to job seekers."

Susan W. Brampton ON


"Thanks for answering my questions so promptly Monique, I can see now why Higher Bracket elevates my resume in the eyes of the recruiter, and I agree that the access to Canadian executive jobs that you provide is unavailable elsewhere else."

Jeremy V. North York ON

"I have just landed a Director of Sales position that I found on higher bracket and I wanted to let you know how great your site is. I am very glad this type of service is available in Canada."

David H. Calgary AB

"you have a great system that offers some great opportunities for us all out here. I'm sure I will use you again when the time comes.

Thank you again."

Barry C. Toronto ON

"I Just wanted to say thank you for the feedback on my resume. I found the input to be frank and insightful.

Appreciate the service."

Anne M. Toronto ON

"Thank you for the great service. I have landed a new position in Calgary and I anticipate earning significantly more this year than I did last year. Your site was instrumental in my job search!"

Douglas M. Airdrie AB

"The service is a good one. I found my new position through your website. Keep up the excellent work.

Kind regards,"

George M. North York ON

"I would also like to thank you for your website. It has been extremely helpful and informative; I would not hesitate to recommend your web site to other colleagues, very well done.

Thank you again."

Tony S. Bolton ON

"Monique, many thanks for looking after this account. I am very impressed with the concept of your website and the quality of the information."

Bob G. Montreal QC

"Your services are first class!"

Stuart H.

"Sharon' s (free resume critique) feedback was excellent. I took pride in being able to write a reasonable resume and she pointed out a number of things that I needed to change to better position myself in the market place - it was time well spent."

Michael P.

"Thank you for your message, your website is absolutely great!!"

Rosalyn C.

"I think that your service is a great idea and certainly an excellent time-saver!"

Connie H.

Selected email string:

First email: November 7th

From: Scott M. via shaw.ca
To: Employer Services at HigherBracket.ca
Subject: You charge the people you are trying to solicit ????

Can you say SCAM....

I am a CA looking to re-locate back to Ontario. I've lived and worked in BC for the past 12 years. I find it humorous that an internet company such as yours would try and nickel and dime your perspective client base with these obviously misleading, overstated, irrelevant job postings.

A ligit co. would take the finders fee from the "back end".

Scott M, CA, CPA

Higher Bracket's reply: November 8th

From: Anthony@HigherBracket.ca
To: Scott M. via shaw.ca
Subject: RE: You charge the people you are trying to solicit ????

Good morning Scott,

My employer services group sent me your email and I wanted to thank you for your feedback on HigherBracket.ca... I think.

I understand the reaction you have had based on the fact that we are turning the entire job board business model upside down. This isn't my or my team's first foray into this arena either. The problem is that the current business model does not work for executive jobs. There is a reason that you cannot find the majority of the jobs that we have on HigherBracket on the big boards. Recruiters and corporate HR managers are loathe to post highly sought after $100K plus opportunities on open to the public boards because they return too many unqualified responses. I don't just mean a few either, place a $185K posting for a VP of sales in Toronto on Canada's biggest general board and you will get about 3000 resumes.

So the value proposition is clear to the recruiter... we don't charge them to post their six figure opportunities with us, and we give them qualified response, so they post lots of jobs with us. We are by a large margin the largest executive job board in Canada.

So what is the value to the job seeker? We have the jobs, no fluff, just thousands of jobs all in one place. The fee that we charge keeps out those who do not belong hunting in this bracket. Because recruiters get only qualified response, (in our previous example they may get 18 to 25 resumes) they keep giving us the jobs.

We are a media company, we do not take "finders fees" as we prefer to leave the recruiting business to the professionals. We will continue to grow at a staggering 18% per month by concentrating on providing the best possible value we can to those who subscribe to our services.

We wish you all the best in your re-location, I doubt that my diatribe has done much to sway your strong opinions, but check back in a year and we will still be here, still providing value to our subscriber base.


Anthony Kaul


Scott's Reply: November 8th

To: Anthony Kaul
From: Scott M. via shaw.ca
Subject: RE: You charge the people you are trying to solicit ????

Dear Anthony,

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to write. I respect someone that will stand up to my occasional ranting. I have a couple of questions regarding your business model, some points I have difficulty getting my head around.

First, I appreciate that a high salaried position in Toronto would generate far too many unqualified responses. I would not disagree with the figures you have quoted. But, how does your website weed out the unqualified. for the nominal price of a Starbuck's my gardener (if I had one) could have access to your website. I don't understand how this creates a hurdle to the unqualified. Have you not just pushed the burden of separating the "wheat from the chaff" from the shoulders of the recruiter, onto HigherBracket.ca

Second, you do not charge the recruiter, and the fee charged to the applicant is nominal - so obviously (revenue speaking), I'm missing something here.

Congrats on the growth rate. That is impressive. I appreciate you taking the time to write, no need to reply. I actually feel guilty wasting your time.



Higher Bracket's Reply: November 8th

From: Anthony Kaul
To: Scott M. via shaw.ca
Subject: RE: You charge the people you are trying to solicit ????

Good evening Scott,

Good points all. Regarding the $34 bucks as a barrier to entry I am quite confident that it would work even if it was $5.00. The psychology of a $40K earner when they blitz 50 jobs on a big board like Monster or Workopolis is similar to the psychology of purchasing lottery tickets. The reward is great and the risk is negligible. In the back of the unqualified's mind is the thought that as it only takes me 45 seconds so why not. If we asked them to pay a user fee then the sensible side of the brain kicks in and says "hey, I am not even remotely qualified for this VP position, and I could buy a coffee at Starbuck's with the cash."

Hiring Managers have been using barriers to entry for years, some tactics like the hand written cover letter are well known, any hoop you can put the applicant through cuts response, and the idea is that if you want the job bad enough you will... "deliver by mail only" (even if there is no postal code and you have to look it up) or write a cover letter in your best cursive.

On the implied question of how we keep the lights on with only $34 a throw and no ad revenue coming from the recruiters, it is a matter of scale and renewal. The average executive job search in Canada is estimated to take one month for every $10K over $50K in salary. (I know what you are thinking, and I don't know who makes this stuff up either?) What I do know is that the average subscriber stays for longer than a few months so their enterprise value is greater than the initial $34.00. As we are not the flashiest website in the world, they must stay because they find value here.

Hope this finds you well.



Scott's Reply: November 18th

To: Anthony Kaul
From: Scott M. via shaw.ca
Subject: RE: You charge the people you are trying to solicit ????

Hi Anthony:

I've been out of town most of this week and am just now, relaxing at home. Earlier this evening, I signed up on your website. I feel that you have earned a 2 - 3 month review.

I appreciate your newsletter and welcome receiving future issues.

Thank you.



Further Communication From Scott: December 17th

To: Anthony Kaul
From: Scott M. via shaw.ca
Subject: RE: Just touching base.

Hi Anthony:

Thanks for keeping tab's on me. I've scanned your website 2 or 3 times, but have not had a chance to update my resume. It's one of those jobs I leave for the weekend and when the weekend rolls around - it's the last thing I want to do.

I will definitely forward my resume (for free resume assessment) once it is in 'working order'.

I can honestly say that your website looks like it will provide value to my future job search. Especially, considering that I am not adverse to moving. It provides one location, where I can find a fair number of interesting positions.




Further Communication From Scott: January 18th

To: Member Services at HigherBracket.ca
From: Scott M. via shaw.ca
Subject: Credit card stmnt


I've been intending to write to you over the week. Can I convert this January payment into a 6 month payment?

Thanks - like the service.




What HR Professionals Are Saying...

"At the time, recruiting a Senior Project Manager was our most difficult and highest priority hiring. I remember my time as a job seeker using Higherbracket.ca and arranged the posting with them. Our most qualified candidate and the individual we hired was from Higherbracket.ca. It was well worth the time to place our requirements with Higherbracket.ca"

Warren H. Wong
VP & Chief Talent Officer


"Higher Bracket has sourced candidates for us for our senior roles and we will continue to use their service."

Abby H. Cheung CHRP
Recruitment Manager
Sun MicroSystems Canada


"HigherBracket is an effecient tool for tapping Canadian top talent."

David Goulbourne
Recruitment Manager
Microsoft Canada


"Higher Bracket provides Oracle Canada with a level of service and a quality of candidate flow that is truly impressive. "Its time" to set your resume apart and take your career advancement to a Higher Bracket."

Mhairi de Alwis
Oracle Corporation Canada



“Higher Bracket's concept is a huge leap forward in solving the problems faced by corporate HR professionals in regards to unqualified response.”

Isabel Ferens
Sophos Inc.

"Sophos is pleased to be working with forward thinking industry leaders like Higher Bracket. Distilled response from a subset of highly qualified candidates is a sought after commodity for us."

Laura DiFelice
Human Resources Manager
Sophos Inc.






"Finding top talent is becoming increasingly more difficult, having dedicated resources for specific target markets such as Higher Bracket makes the search much more focused"

Charlotte Watson
Corporate Recruiter



"The quality of candidates has been high so far. It appears that more serious candidates are utilizing this site."

Helmut Hager
Sr. Recruitment Manager
TELUS Corporation


"I think your business and the concept behind it is quite unique. There are many websites out there that offer employers the opportunity to advertise positions, but it's nice to see one that doesn't fall under the norm."

Luke Lin
Field Recruiter




"Higher Bracket allows Solidifi to save time by pre-screening the level of talent that we are looking for. By using Higher Bracket we no longer get hundreds of unqualified responses to our postings."

Head Career Consultant



"In all endeavours Investors Group will act in a manner consistent with its core values of Integrity, Quality and Responsiveness and maintain an environment that encourages teamwork, personal growth, and the achievement of excellence. Through Higher Bracket, we have found an excellent pool of talent in meeting those core values."

Beatrix Bérczi
Investors Group Financial Services Inc.


“We always use Higher Bracket when advertising new career opportunities, we have found nothing but quality candidates using this site.”

Cameron Laker
Managing Director


"Decided to work with Higher Bracket as its subscription pre-screens for serious candidates with strong credentials."

Patrick M. Haney
VP Sales & Marketing
Keir Surgical


“With the current demanding Alberta Job Market, companies need to be more resourceful in their recruitment techniques. HigherBracket.ca is definitely a search engine of choice for the $100K+ positions that are difficult to fill within organizations. It allows Recruiters full access to superior candidates and ensures that quality candidates have access to our career postings.”

Craig O'Connor, MBA
Strategic Recruitment & Workforce Planning Manager

“HigherBracket provides an elevated marketplace where top tier employers and recruitment professionals can connect with serious, six-figure earners."

Lisa Murphy
Recruiting Business Process Specialist


“I think this is a great concept as it will save me time and effort by filtering out unqualified candidates.”

Dan Dewar
HR Manager


"Higherbracket.ca has a unique concept that will help us find the best fit for our candidates."

Michele Maurice
HR Coordinator


“HigherBracket.ca is a great addition to the employment market in Vancouver.”

Sam Bath
Talent Acquisition Consultant
Chase Card Services



"Fantastic! The response to our Higher Bracket posting exceeded expectations. After reviewing the many resume’s received and interviewing the most suitable candidates, we ultimately hired a gentleman who now heads up our Seattle office. We continue to use Higher Bracket and will do so in the future. Highly recommended."

Ross Huguet
Go 2 Productions Inc.


“Lions Gate Marketing is pleased to be working with Higher Bracket as a long term solution for sourcing executive level candidates. Their unique approach to connecting quality employment prospects with career opportunities is ideal for our current senior level positions.”

Marta Jackson
Director of Excellence
Lions Gate Marketing


"When it comes to helping Omni source talent able to provide industry leading client service, HigherBracket.ca is 'as good as it gets' "

Dawn Halliday
Omni Companies


"In the words of John Kennedy - All of us do not have equal talent, but all of us should have an equal opportunity to develop our talent. Higher Bracket gives everybody a starting point for such opportunity.”

Nina Conrad
Public Relations


"HigherBracket.ca has provided some excellent candidate flow to our senior positions. In a environment of intense competition for talent they are a welcome breath of fresh air."

Chris Hill
Vice President of Marketing


"Our postings with Higher Bracket have increased traffic to our site and responses to our advertisements."

Stewart Whitehead
Advertising Manager
The Caldwell Partners


"If you are serious about your six-figure career search and you are not using Higher Bracket then you are just not using all the tools available."

Rolie Hamar
COO Inteqna


"Higher Bracket is a great time saver for both the HR professional and the serious six-figure candidate. We are pleased to be working with them to ensure the right candidates have access to our postings."

Mark Liebenthal
Hays Specialist Recruitment



"Partnering with Higherbracket has provided tremendous value to our recruitment efforts across Canada . We look forward to the developments they have planned for their platform."

Sean McGillen
Sourcing Strategy Team Lead



"In general we have found the candidates on Higher Bracket to be a much better fit for our senior positions."

Dale Lessoway
Holloway Schulz & Partners


“We have been consistently impressed by the quality of candidates who apply through Higher Bracket.  It provides an outstanding service for employers."

Laura C. Machan
Search Consultant


"The quality of candidates that I have received from Higher Bracket has been nothing short of fantastic. It is refreshing to get such focused quality; candidates with the right experience, credentials, education and most importantly, new to my database. The customer service has been excellent, I would certainly recommend you to any of my colleagues. There is a confidential aspect of posting with you, it is like advertising to an exclusive club of the best bred candidates. Keep up the great work!"

Cris Murray
VP recruiting
J. Edgar and Associates Inc



“By using Higher Bracket we have been able to reduce the time we spend wading through unqualified response. The customer service and quality of candidate flow has been excellent. ”

Ian MacArthur
Madison MacArthur Inc.


"A powerful partnership that matches top-level professionals with companies that need them."

Erin Bailey
Professional Consultant
Talent Acquisition


"Higher Bracket is a tool that can shorten the time from posting to placement through a targeted approach to both the active and passive candidate. The result: faster, better placements."

Nicola Malcolm
Marketing Manager
The Mergis Group


"It is clear that this concept works well for both employers and candidates. High income candidates now have an online tool to elevate themselves out of the general traffic on the internet."

Nigel Milford
Operating Director
Michael Page International



“Higher Bracket has proven to be a very useful tool as our postings are viewed and responded to by serious, high-caliber candidates.”

Sarah Haile
Research Consultant
Western Management Consultants


"A great tool for Accounting Advantage to specifically reach senior financial executives and vice versa.

Thank you Higher Bracket!"

Tracy Shott
Regional Vice President-Executive Search
Accounting Advantage




"HigherBracket has been a great partnership for Blue Chip Recruiting. The caliber of candidates that we meet with have been first class and in line with what we are looking for. I can highly recommend HigherBracket as an invaluable resource in any career search."

Nicole Graham
Blue Chip Recruiting


"I am somewhat perplexed by six-figure earners who are not Higher Bracket subscribers. If they spent a day in the life of an executive recruiter, they would not hesitate."

Gloria Campbell
Campbell-Clark Inc.



"Our postings with Higher Bracket have resulted in an increase of highly qualified candidates."

Steve McIntosh
Chief Executive Officer
CML Offshore Recruitment


"Higher Bracket is clearly the leader in $100K+ recruitment advertising in Canada. HR teams get access to very high quality candidates, and six-figure earners get access to thousands of opportunities all in one place. This is a must have tool for both parties."

Carlo Esposito
Executive Account Manager


“Higher Bracket provides Design Group with superb candidates and outstanding customer care. A highly recommended resource for six-figure earners and those empowered to recruit them.”

Doug Shortt
Practice Leader
Design Group Technical


"We post all six-digits plus jobs on Higher Bracket, it's our secret weapon!"

Jon Lyles


"We are excited about the innovation behind Higher Bracket and their out of the box thinking. Targeting senior level individuals in a cost effective and creative manner compliments our search strategy."

Kim Vopni
First Canadian Title


“Higher Bracket continues to be a source of top talent across our many verticals and really helps us bring together top notch candidates with our top notch clients.”

Andrew Stockton
Managing Partner
Gilmore Partners


"We have found that Higher Bracket knows our executive audience. They have created a system that significantly reduces unqualified responses to our top level searches; saving us time and helping us drive efficiency."

Nino Virga
Managing Partner


"Goldbeck Recruiting consistently receives great sales, marketing and manufacturing, executive level candidates from Higher Bracket."

Henry Goldbeck


“Higher Bracket has proven to be an excellent source of filtered I.T. professionals with the experience and education we look for. I highly recommend this tool for six-figure professionals in Canada."

Nikki Thompson
Account Manager



"Kovasys has a history of delivery efficiency and top quality candidates to our clients. HigherBracket is a very efficient sourcing tool for us."

Alex Kovalenko
Director Of Operations
Kovasys Inc.


“LEAPJob's diverse sourcing strategies include HigherBracket as Canada's leading on-line source of quality six-figure sales candidates.”

Jeremy Miller


“MoD offers a premium level service to both our associates and our clients. MoD recognizes the value in a prescreened talent pool such as HigherBracket.ca as an integral ingredient to filling our executive roles and building on our exclusive talent pool.”

Craig Lund
Director, Client Services
Marketers on Demand Inc.


"MiQwest would like to thank Higher Bracket for the wonderful service they provide. Your website allows us to search for the high caliber of candidates we seek; allowing us to provide a strong professional image to our clients. We will continue to actively utilize your service. We would also like to thank your team for the immediate attention they provide when needed. Thank you again!"

Sean Swainson
Recruitment Specialist


"Higherbracket.ca has proved to be an invaluable tool to effectively attract high calibre, executive level candidates that would have otherwise been invisible to us. With its easy to use functionality, and its qualified userbase of jobseekers, Higherbracket is a no brainer to use for all of our current assignments."

Andrew Pollard


"We wanted to thank you and your team for all the help you have given Montgomery Benz in setting up our account and profile with HigherBracket.  We see this as a long term relationship for sourcing senior professionals.  We look forward to continuing to work with HigherBracket."

Harry Benz, President
Montgomery Benz


“We have found HigherBracket to be an effective resource for quality candidates and highly recommend this site to all hiring managers and staffing specialists.”

Fern Kopel
Managing Director


“Higher Bracket is an excellent confidential source for senior level candidates. PEOPLEsource has been successful in assisting candidates find meaningful employment referred by Higher Bracket.”

John Nalli, President
PEOPLEsource Staffing Solutions Inc.


"The internet has become the most popular career search method for Canadian job seekers. We rely on specialized online career resources, such as Higher Bracket, to source high calibre professional candidates."

Steve Jones
Placement Group


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