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Access to the best source of career advancement information for six figure earners in Canada.

Our writers are all Canadian, and our content is written with a Canadian accent. We have hundreds of pages of content to help you with your career advancement.

Objective look at your resume by one of the most highly acclaimed professional resume writers in the country.

Our subscribers all have the opportunity to have their resume reviewed by a professional resume writer to ensure that your most important personal marketing material is up to the challenge of vaulting you higher than your competition.

Accurate Salary Reports Based on Canadian Data.

Arm yourself for salary negotiations and reviews by knowing your market value. Our paid subscribers have access to salary reports based on Canadian data.

E-book library of some of the best business and motivational titles in history.

Subscribers can download over $1000 worth of e-books from the HigherBracket E-book library as part of their subscription. Read these on your smartphone or computer. Titles include "The Art of War" by Sun Tsu and Adam Smith's "Wealth of Nations"...

Access to a Canadian Company Research Database.

To aid our subscribers in researching companies to target, we have over 110 000 Canadian Companies that employ over 20 people in a searchable database. Our subscribers can search this database by location and SIC industry codes.

We get the best jobs first.

Most recruiters and HR professionals that we deal with send us their jobs before they send them anywhere else. We get up to two weeks with our postings before they are advertised anywhere else. If the position cannot be filled with Higher Bracket subscribers, then the HR professional opens up the advertising to more expensive and less efficient advertising channels. The benefit to Higher Bracket subscribers is that they get access to these jobs first.

By far the most six-figure jobs in Canada.

We don't just have a few more jobs in our classified archive than any other source in Canada, we have thousands more! At last count HigherBracket.ca had roughly five times the six-figure job postings than either of the big horizontal boards. Companies just do not post $100K+ jobs in mass media channels; they generate too many unqualified responses.

Incredible ROI

A common remark on our business model is how reasonable our pricing structure is. Our goal is to help you get a better, higher paying job faster. For every working hour you spend on your job search it's $48.00+ in missed income at the $100K+ level. If we can even shave a week off of that time... You do the math; what if we shave a month off?

Our monthly subscription fee is equivalent to about 3 hours of parking in downtown Toronto...

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