Article, Five Keys to Creating a Powerful Résumé Profile by Sharon Graham :

Exploit these 5 Career Trends to Achieve Your Goals
Sharon Graham Canada’s Career Strategist

In the last couple of decades, Canadian labour market observers have witnessed some significant trends emerging. Aggressive shifts in technology, globalization, and workforce demographics have played a critical role in career development. In 2008 and beyond, these areas will continue to transform the workplace. Take advantage of these trends to drive your career forward. By changing how you think about your career progression, you can proactively position yourself to seize new opportunities. Here are some trends you can start to exploit right away:

Trend 1 – Experienced professionals who embrace Careerpreneurialism will thrive

According to Career Professionals of Canada’s most recent evaluation of the labour market, it is overwhelmingly evident that the permanent job, for the most part, is extinct. Working Canadians rarely stay at the same company for any great length of time. In order to succeed in the workplace, rather than relying on others, job seekers must take a much more proactive position in creating their own future as “independent agents.” What this means is that if you want to succeed in the future, you must take a new stance as a Careerpreneur – an entrepreneur who crafts your own career direction. Keep a constant eye out for emerging and growing opportunities, embrace ongoing professional development, and script your own career path instead of waiting for someone else to do it for you.

Trend 2 – Online Social Networking will become essential to ongoing career management

Online social networks such as LinkedIn, FaceBook, and Naymz are gaining clout with working professionals. It is no mistake that technology and internet giants such as Microsoft and Google are aggressively buying into social networking. You can expect to see the online social networking trend continue to grow significantly, as these organizations establish a stronger toehold on the market. If you have not done so already, you need to leverage these networks. You will expand your reach by supplementing your traditional networking activities. You can use these networks to manage your online reputation, build your list of contacts, develop business relationships, and ultimately progress in your career. More significantly, by nurturing your online connections, you can tap into the “hidden job market” and cash in on unadvertised career opportunities.

Trend 3 – Personal Career Branding will become vital to career advancement

In November 2007, an unprecedented event took place: A Brand You World, a global tele-summit on personal branding, where 40 world-class authors and experts delivered 24 hours of education on personal branding to thousands of people from all over the world. It is becoming evident that, as our population grows, individuals who can distinguish themselves from the masses emerge victorious. To succeed in your career, personal career branding is vital, because it defines who you are and differentiates you from your competition. Brands are about perception – and we all form perceptions about people, both in person and on the vast internet universe. You need to find a way to create a consistent and memorable presence in both of these arenas. The image you present needs to reflect your individuality. Rather than sticking with the traditional resume, you can take yourself to another level by marketing your expertise using a well-rounded portfolio of branded self-marketing material. In addition, exploit the internet and institute your personal career brand in innovative ways by creating a branded website, interactive portfolio, or career-focused blog.

Trend 4 – Older workers who “stay in the game” will prosper

There are currently two key forces in action within the labour market: the supply of experienced professionals is decreasing as older workers retire, and the demand for experience is increasing with the talent drain in the market. If you are a mature and experienced professional, this is your time. As more and more “baby boomers” leave the market, you are becoming increasingly valuable to organizations. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity and remain in the labour market, you have more power than ever before. In the coming years, by marketing your know-how, you can further position yourself as an expert in your area of choice. As the “war for talent” heats up, you will be better placed to negotiate your employment terms, compensation, and benefits.

Trend 5 – Ethics and morality will take working professionals a long way

Corrupt business leaders, security issues, information piracy, global terrorism, identity theft, and environmental concerns have driven outrage and action in the private and public sector. The Canadian government continues to institute legislation and organizations are taking on a proactive role in instituting ethical practices. This will be a powerful driver in the evolution of corporate policies, systems, and procedures. On the job search front, candidate interviewing and testing will be more exhaustive. Recruiters will be performing more stringent background checks to uncover false information disclosed in resumes. In 2007, applicants were often Googled and reference checked even before they come in for the interview. Hold up your moral code and authenticity as your highest offering. Unabashedly expose integrity, ethics, truthfulness, and morality in everything you do. In an era where safety and trust are hard to come by, you will be a valued resource.

By embracing and exploiting these trends, you’ll attain magnificent surprises, much career success, and many blessings along the way!


Sharon Graham is Canada’s Career Strategist and Higher Bracket’s principal résumé expert. A recognized career transition expert, she is president and principal consultant for Graham Management Group, founder and executive director of Career Professionals of Canada, and author of Best Canadian Resumes. With multiple certifications in résumé, interview, and career strategy, Sharon has elevated the industry by delivering cutting-edge innovations to résumé writers and career practitioners across Canada. She assists six-figure job seekers though her consulting firm Graham Management Group, and is executive director of Career Professionals of Canada. You can reach Sharon by e-mailing


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