Article, The Six-Figure Résumé Check-up by Sharon Graham :

The Six-Figure Résumé Check-up
Sharon Graham


If you are in the market for a six-figure job, you are sure to be up against the best of the best. Most job seekers competing at this level are driven personalities who will do what it takes to rise to the top of their profession. Therefore, it makes sense that the most effective six-figure résumés are powerful marketing documents. They advertise the candidate’s value and benefits to the prospective employer in a most persuasive manner.


As a top-performing professional, you must have a résumé that can surpass the competition. Here is a six-point check-up that you can do to assess your résumés potential and attract a six-figure opportunity.


1- Is your Value Proposition rock-solid?


Your Value Proposition is your sales pitch to the employer. Ensure that you have defined a unique sales pitch that addresses your potential employers’ buying motivators with valid supporting qualifications. A strong Value Proposition will clearly articulate to the employer what you have that they need. More than this, to surpass the competition, you need to express in a clear, concise way the unique value that you bring to the table, which others may not possess. With a distinctive Value Proposition that reads like a theme through your résumé, will you be able to create a compelling picture of who you are and why the employer should call you.


2- Is your résumé strategically positioned?


Your résumé cannot be just a catalogue of your career history. Rather, it should be an impeccable advertisement designed to attract six-figure opportunities. Therefore, you need a clear, focused target to create an uncompromising connection between your potential employer’s needs and your value. Rather than emphasizing common soft skills, the résumé should display specific competencies required by the targeted employers and industry. From top to bottom, strategically position every word, phrase, and sentence to promote interest and drive the reader to contact you.


3- Have you handled your obstacles effectively?


Most candidates have occasions in their background that might be construed by potential employers as concerns. Employers often perceive issues such as a lengthy job search, job hopping, career gaps, and lack of industry experience as less than desirable. Some might see entrepreneurial and contract ventures as “temporary fillers” or “wasted time.” Others might disqualify candidates for lack of experience (too young) or too much experience (too old). You need to minimize and eliminate such potential obstacles from your résumé to compete effectively.


4- Does your document promote readability?


Comprehension and retention by the reader can either make or break your opportunity. Communication in your résumé must be clear and concise to ensure that your message is absorbed by the reader. We know that spelling and grammar must be flawless, but there is much more to promoting readability. Spend particular attention on parallelism and consistency throughout the document. Ensure that you do not present exceptionally lengthy lists or too much information. Do not use buzzwords or acronyms that are not easily understood. For optimum success, your résumé must be a good and easy read.


5- Do you display multiple, transferable actions and results?


Most experienced professionals have attained great successes throughout their career. Employers do not need a job description of positions held, therefore duties and tasks are not nearly as important as accomplishments. The résumé needs to display many specific examples that show what value the employer will gain. Rather than focusing on responsibilities, your résumé should prominently display multiple, transferable, quantifiable accomplishments. Be assured that every experienced six-figure professional is touting many achievements. You must too.


6- Is your résumé designed and branded creatively?


Many downsized professionals these days go through an “outplacement process” and end up with a “template” résumé. Others, who do not have that benefit, opt for creating a homemade résumé by following templates that they find on the Internet. With millions of these types of résumés flooding the market, only the most creative, branded document will stand apart and be selected. Most effective six-figure professionals retain résumé experts to create a high-impact, upscale, branded look and feel to their documents. You can be assured that these individuals rise to the top and are perceived as worthy of a higher compensation.

Your résumé is a critical factor in driving how you are perceived by others. Once you have completed your six-figure check-up, make the changes required to compete and beat the best of the best!


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