Article, Dealing With The HR Department: by Alan Kearns :

Dealing With The HR Department
Alan Kearns

In my role as a career coach and in my former role running a recruitment firm, I am able to see the important and strategic role that Human Resources plays in the recruitment process. I also noticed how many candidates underestimated their role.

What role does HR play? Dealing with Human Resources, "If you don't make a good first impression with HR, you are most likely not going to get hired by the company".

These are 6 steps to getting hired by Human Resource:

1. Mindset - There is a lot of negative news in the media these days about the economy and the job market. The mood is really doom and gloom. If you believed the headlines, it would seem that all companies are laying off and nobody is hiring. Despite what the media says, the economy still rolls along.

Action - Where are the new opportunities in this cycle of our economy?

2. Researching opportunities - Today it has never been easier to gather information. From the comfort of your living room, you can explore the world. Start by creating a list of companies that you may be interested in working for. It can be broken down by location, sector and growth potential.

Action - Create a list of 20 companies you are interested in working for? Remember, many companies have openings that are not listed on their websites.

3. Resume - The resume is your very first impression in the entire process, so it is crucial that you have all of the information up to date. Many people struggle with putting a good resume together. Check out our website. We have some great templates to help give you the advantage in putting a resume together.

Action - Ask a friend or professional resume writer go over your resume. You will be amazed what others may see that you have missed.

4. Dress up, Stand up & Speak up! - companies often do telephone interviews as the first part of their screening process. Wear an outfit you feel confident in and stand up during the telephone session. You will act more confident when you dress professionally. Standing up for the call will give you energy, and studies show that you will even think more sharply when standing up. Clarity and the right sound levels are critical from a potential employer's perspective.

Action - Lay out your clothes the night before you have your telephone interview, just like you would for a face-to-face interview. Make sure you are in a private area for your telephone interview.

5. Interviews are two way conversations. - Most people put a lot of time and energy into getting prepared for their interview. Spend an equal amount of time researching what kinds of questions that you would like to ask the potential employer.

Action - Write down a list of 10 key things that you would like to discover from your perspective employer. What you discover can help you determine if the role is a good fit.

6. Always negotiate - A majority of professionals struggle with this part. There are a number of different elements to negotiate. These include job title, salary, vacation, training & development etc. Remember it is not just what you ask for that is important, but also the way that you request the changes in your offer.

Action - Write a list of things you would like to negotiate. In your list, star the key elements that are most important to you. Be flexible on the others.

Remember, if you are feeling like you lack the proper information in going through the hiring process, don't fret. Job search can be a learned skill. Get good support, reach out to your network and to professionals like me. As our friends at Home Depot say, "You can do it we can help".

Along the road with you,
Alan Kearns


Alan Kearns is associated with the What Color Is Your Parachute? career search team, as well as being certified in the Highlands Career Assessment Methodology and the DISC Personal Profile. Alan was a founding member of the International Association of Coaches (IAC) and also has memberships with the Career Masters Institute (CMI) and the International Association of Career Management Professionals (IACMP).


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